As the former web dev I want to make sure nobody loses anymore money on this project.

Keif’s incompetence has lost people a lot of money already and I don’t want anymore people getting sucked into this doomed project.

I started on this project as a friend to help him through the crazy beginning of him going viral up on social media for his ‘trading strategies’. After going viral Keif made this coin live on stream without any planning (a big mistake)…

Luckily for Keif I was moderating in his chat during this time and was able to secure most of the keifcoin socials and website names for him immediately so he wouldn’t be taken advantage of later on… Sure enough someone secured the keifcoin twitter handle and then tried to blackmail him into paying $500 for it days later…

This led to the whole fiasco of Keif trying to change his twitter name live on stream to a ‘keifcoin’ related name only to get his original name (cryptokeif) stolen from him and getting locked out of his twitter account for 2 days… Just one of many examples of how badly he manages everything.

During this time Keif had sent me 1 million keif coins that was to be used for stuff like websites, marketing, managing social channels and other operating expenses to get this project off the ground. Understandably the community didn’t like this too much because they thought the 1 million could be used to rug pull (even though keif owned 60% of the supply at the time). I told him I would send the coins back because I didn’t want him or the project to have any issues about that. I’ve included discord screenshot messages below to show the coins were sent back and in the screenshots you can see he said he would “send it back discreetly“…

I never asked for those coins back or wanted him to send them back. If I was out to screw him or the community over I would of dumped the coins immediately when he asked for them back… He offered to send them back to me ‘discretely’ behind the community. I never accepted those coins or acknowledged that suggestion. You can search his ‘main wallet address’ 0x49ef4E2C4177C9D5f69A128C8eB1ea2f41b1f581 on the 17th of may to see the coins were sent back. I don’t have any idea what he did with the coins after the fact.

Over the course of the month the coin slowly tanked and keif was freaking out trying to do anything he could to pump the coin. He was getting messaged daily by people trying to suck money out of him, from scam exchanges to websites that were built 20 days before asking him for 1BNB to advertise on their websites.

Almost everyday I had to talk him out of making bad decisions.

One of his ideas included paying this guy $400 to tweet about keifcoin (funny because he just mentioned on his stream he’s not like other shitcoins, he doesn’t pay ‘influencers’ to pump his coin… while talking shit about coins who do.).

Hope nobody is taking any financial advice from that guy. Pretty sure you’re suppose to disclose you got payment to promote a crypto, but that’s not my business.

Of course the tweet did nothing for keifcoin and he didn’t go ‘viral’ like I advised him.

Eventually the big falling out happened when Keif’s next big idea was to build a “pancakeswap” clone where you could farm and swap keifcoin. I advised him against this because this wouldn’t help the project and it would cost a lot of money to build (He thought you could just buy a template online for $36 and create your own pancakeswap). But he was dead set on getting that project up and I agreed to try and help him, but told him it would take a couple days to find out how feasible it was and how much it would cost.

Few days later he messages me and says he found a dev who could build his pancakeswap clone for $300 and to transfer the two domain names I have for him over to the new dev. I told him he was getting scammed and if he transfers anything to this ‘web dev’ he found on twitter he was going to get scammed twice after they take possession of his site.

That was the last straw for me. Keif has no idea what he’s doing with this project and people are sucking him dry left and right. Do I think he would ever rug pull his own coin? I don’t know… But at this point he’s so incompetent that he wouldn’t need to rug pull to screw people over, his bad decision making would destroy this project (and it already has, the coin is practically dead).

All of this doesn’t even cover most of the bullshit that was going on behind the scenes. He talked about dumping the coin and starting another one or forking it if this coin went dead.

I tried to help him as much as I could but there’s only so much I could do. So instead of seeing anyone else get screwed over I’m putting this story out there as a warning. Buy Keifcoin at your own risk.

UPDATE: Keif saying I blackmailed him…

So apparently Keif is telling everyone I blackmailed him for $1,000. I’ll post the whole DM conversation from today. He never sent me $1,000. Another lie from Keif…

That’s the last messages we sent to each other. I didn’t get any money from keif. The only reason the $1,000 was brought up was because he offered to pay me for the work I did over the course of the month (minimum wage people get paid more and I dropped other projects to help him out) and then I would just exit the project and be done with it. I obviously turned that down to share this story with everyone to prevent anyone from getting rugged in the future.

I had 1 million keif at one point. I could’ve rugged and sold it all… but I didn’t. I sent it back to him.

I could’ve taken $1,000 and disappeared quietly into the night not letting people know about keif and this bullshit going on behind the scenes… but I didn’t. (Now he proudly boasts in his stream that his new dev ‘stole all the code’ and is building another site).

Believe what you want to believe, but you can see all the proof for yourself and decide who you think is telling the truth… But as someone who was a friend and supporter of keif long before he went viral… someone who helped him navigate all this bullshit and saved him from multiple scams doesn’t believe in the project anymore… that should tell you something’s very wrong about this project.

I have no ill will against him as a person. I hope he goes on to succeed in other avenues, but this coin needs to die before anymore people lose money or he ends up in prison for doing something shady with the project.